Strawberry-Rose Margarita

April 21, 2017

There's little we love more than margaritas. Tequila, lime, salt—um, what’s not to love? But, give us a floral margarita and we’re over the moon. Top it off with fresh herbs and oh boy have you really hit the spot now.

So we reached out to cocktail maven Gabi Valladares of By Gabriella for a new take on an old favorite, and what she came up with is pure deliciousness. “To be totally honest,” she says, “this strawberry-rose margarita is easily getting me through the week. I whipped one up for myself last night and drank it way too fast. Well really, I whipped up two for the recipe then combined them into one glass and finished them both off.”

Can you blame her, though? This marg has it all. It’s basically spring in a glass. Below we share exactly how to recreate it.

Strawberry-Rose Margarita

Cocktails that can be made with the shake of well, a shaker, are best for bartending newbies. Because it means that the steps to make said cocktail are fairly minimal. As in, throw everything in a shaker and shake that baby up. Technically, Gabi’s recipe requires an extra step, but it's well worth it because it turns your strawberries into the star of this margarita. Not that they weren't already.


  • 4 parts freshly chopped strawberries
  • 1 part simple syrup
  • Fresh basil
  • 1 part lime juice
  • 4 parts tequila
  • Small handful of dried edible roses
  • Crushed ice


  1. Muddle strawberries in tumbler with simple syrup, basil, and lime juice.
  2. Add tequila, edible roses, and crushed ice.
  3. Shake for 15 seconds.
  4. Pour into glasses and add more ice.
  5. Garnish with fresh basil and enjoy!

Pro Tip: You can buy edible flowers online at Gourmet Sweet Botanicals or Marx Foods!

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