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Empowering women to create community

Alice's Table brings women together to learn new skills, and live a social and creative lifestyle. Our goal is to be the bright spot in the modern busy woman’s life - the thing she looks forward to at home and on the town. Modern women don’t have time to be Martha, they need lifestyle delivered.

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Join us in your local city to learn the art of flower arranging, sip cocktails, and bring home beautiful fresh-cut flowers to enjoy.





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Today more than ever. 💕 “Everything negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise.” - Kobe BryantValentines Day is in a little over ✌️ weeks but we’re celebrating all month long. 💕 Join us for a fun night out all while you supper a local entrepreneur in your community ✨ Find our workshop schedule in our bio!Hey there galentine 👋 We’ve planned 100+ amazing girls nights in the next month so you can celebrate with your gal-pals in style 🥂 Head to the link in our bio to find a workshop near you! pc: @alicestable.lisaschultePlanning a #Galentines girl’s night? 💕 We’ll come to you set-up, clean-up, and host the best flower-filled night in for you and your gals! ✨ Head to the link in our bio to learn how you can bring @alicestable to your home! 🥂Committed, confident & crushing it ✨our mantra for this week 💪 What are you achieving this week?“How did you get involved in flower arranging? Aren’t you happy with your full time job as a PT?” 🤔 ⠀
I get this question A-LOT. The answer: I love my job as a Pediatric PT!! ❤️ The kids I have the honor of helping are some of the strongest individuals I have (and will ever) meet! One thing you learn when working with kids is that unless it’s fun, they ain’t doin it! 🙅🏼‍♀️ For me, I needed to find my fun outside of work so that when I showed up every day, I had a full tank to give to them. ⛽️ Compassion fatigue is a real thing! And when working with really sick/injured kids, it is easy to get consumed and revolving your life around helping them that you can lose yourself in the process. This opportunity provides me the means to “fill my tank” outside of work and meet wonderful people along the way. Or, in this case, share an amazing day arranging flowers with a coworker. ❤️ “ Our everyday inspiration at @alicestable is our Execs. Nikki (on the right!) of @helloadorned couldn’t be more right and we’re so thankful she’s a part of this community. 💚 Head to our bio to learn more about our Event Exec program!
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