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Alice’s Table is built on creativity and teamwork. We are searching for talent that is prepared to enhance the foundation for our rapidly expanding business.

Our Core Values

We give our energy and brainpower to others to make them successful. When we give first we receive when we need it the most. Giving means motivating and supporting our community.

We take ownership and seize opportunities with diligence and intention. The absence of mistakes is not success. We are moving towards our goals too quickly to care about a little stumble.

We ask why and follow the leads. We are curious enough to always show up with potential solutions. We ask questions so we can do it right the first time.

We strive to bring joy to everything we do, in our community, events and daily lives. Every call, task, or interaction we communicate with joy and clarity.

What Our Team Has To Say

Photo of Maria G.

At Alice's Table, I am surrounded by a group of individuals that are not only hard-working but driven problem solvers and team players. It's so refreshing to work with a team of collaborators that are accessible and contribute to your growth professionally.

—  Maria G.

Photo of Purvi P.

Alice’s Table is the first start-up I’ve worked at and I never looked back. We hustle hard and get to create meaningful experiences for our customers every day. It’s refreshing to be able to pivot quickly and own your area of expertise. Plus, we have a rockstar team and absolutely love the culture we’ve created.

—  Purvi P.

Photo of Lindsay J

It's inspiring to work for a company and a leader who you believe in so much. I love going to work every day to collaborate alongside a growing team of motivated, creative, intelligent, and fun-loving individuals. In a high-growth environment, we are often working at lighting speed. However, we never miss an opportunity to recognize all of the incredible milestones we are achieving together.

—  Lindsay J

Available Positions

  • Alice’s Table Wine Hosts


    Our Hosts bring their incredible personalities and subject matter expertise to group events through premium live streaming experiences. The ideal service provider for our wine experiences is a sommelier or wine expert who is comfortable confidently leading a group through a class from start to finish, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their subject matter, quick on their feet, and possesses a bit of star quality.

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