Holiday Cookie and Cocktail Pairing

November 25, 2016

Now that Thanksgiving is over, you probably don't want to host any dinner parties for a while -- but with a long weekend in store, it's the perfect time to catch up with friends before the craziness of the holidays begins. These fun cookie and cocktail pairings are a great low key entertaining idea. You can repurpose leftover cookies from the Thanksgiving dessert buffet, or even go with store bought. We won't tell...

Spice Cookie and Punch

This pairing may have won our hearts. The rich flavors found in the cookie pair wonderfully with the hints of orange in the punch. We love the addition of a spoonful of vanilla ice cream in between each cookie for a hint of sweetness. 

Biscotti and Eggnog

We love whipping up some biscotti around the holiday season. You can choose to stick with the traditional recipe or add some festive ingredients to make Christmas biscotti. Simply pair with your favorite eggnog, a splash of rum, and you have the perfect fireside treat! 

Boozey Hot Chocolate and White Macadamia Nut Cookies

Who knew adding red wine to hot chocolate, made it even more decadent and delicious? This adventurous but simple recipe is perfect for a big group. And we think it will pair well with Epicurious' spin on white chocolate macadamia cookies -- which include cranberries for a festive twist. 

Candy Cane Cocktail and Mocha Cookies

What's the holiday season without candy canes? Whip up this festive candy cane cocktail to pair with these mocha cookies for any Friday night get together from now until January 1st. We love the idea of crushing more candy canes on top of the cookies to make them extra minty!

Mulled Wine and Maple Pecan Cookies

We love these two for a cozy night by the fire -- mulled wine and maple pecan cookies. We think the secret to perfecting the latter is to use real Vermont maple syrup.

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