DIY Wedding Flowers: 7 Simple Tips That Will Save You a Meltdown

September 27, 2017

1. Buy in bulk!

While we love supporting our neighborhood florist, your wedding day might not be the time to test drive a behemoth order. A local wholesaler is the perfect option for any DIYer; they’re accustomed to large orders, can suggest alternatives, and our favorite, are cost efficient. We suggest paying a visit to your local wholesaler a month or two before your wedding to walk through your ideas and make sure your flowers will be available.

 Do keep in mind that wholesale orders often arrive a few days early! To keep your blossoms fresh, avoid the refrigerator (it won’t act the same as the walk-in at the florist) and place them in a cool and dark area of your house. Freshen the water everyday, add rehydration plant food, and you’ll be ready to go!

2. Go green!

If you’ve attended one of our classes, you know that we start our signature arrangements by “greening our base”. Foliage stems help stabilize everything else to come. Greens like ruscus, eucalyptus and ferns, are the same types florists use to create texture and movement. Plus, you never have to worry about symmetry - nobody’s perfect, not even Mother Nature!

3. Avoid the flower flops!

The secret to our signature arrangements? Tape grids! We’ve all been there: you create the perfect arrangement, and then minutes later your flowers are flopping out of the vase! To avoid this, use thin, clear floral tape to create a tic-tac-toe board on top of your vase. Simply place your flowers within this grid, to keep them upright and voluminous! A tape grid is especially essential when using heavy blooms like dahlias that need a touch of extra support!

4. Take a class!

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. While most anyone can DIY a floral arrangement, we suggest taking a flower arranging class to learn the tip and tricks from the professionals. You’ll get to know the personality of different flowers and understand the essential flower care knowledge to head into your DIY endeavour with confidence!

Looking to recruit your friends and family to help DIY your wedding blooms? Host a flower arranging class for your bridal shower! Spruce up your skills and leave your guests feeling confident for when you pop the DIY question!

5. Stock Up on Supplies

When you’re so focused on your wedding day blossoms, the nitty gritty supplies can easily be overlooked. Make sure to stock up on the essentials before your big day! We suggest buying multiple rose strippers (if roses are a flower of choice), clippers, clear floral tape, floral foam, and of course, vases (always account for breakage!). Your local wholesaler should carry all of the necessary supplies, but if not, Amazon can save the day (like always!).

6. Don’t get too fancy

Those lavish and ornate centerpieces you’ve seen all of over Pinterest, leave them to the professionals! While we all wish we could whip up those swoon-worthy masterpieces, they are often a labor of love and hard to replicate (especially in large quantities!).

Stick to a few central flowers that you feel comfortable using, and can easily practice with before the big day. This is also the perfect opportunity to use greenery! By adding a variety of greenery you can create that luscious look you love, while using stems that any novice can master!

Extra flowers?

No matter your chosen design your goal should always be to end up with too many flowers. Scrambling for flowers at the last minute is less than ideal and causes unneeded stress. Plus, extra flowers means more room for creativity! We love incorporating our floral palette throughout weddings by using the extra blooms on the wedding cake or as petal confetti!

Don’t want to DIY it all on your own? Book an assisted DIY flower party!

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