Bits + Blooms: Alice's Favorite Winter Weekend Activities

January 26, 2017

At Alice's Table, we have insane start up hours and so it is so important to carve out some time for ourselves. Finding time to get away to rejuvenate is key to being focused at work and at home!

Living in a city comes with its perks of endless events, restaurant openings, and gatherings, but also the need to get away from the hustle and bustle. The winter months in New England have me dreaming of sunny days. Here are a few of my favorite ways to beat the winter weekend chill and make the most out of your hard earned days off!

  1. While I can't say I don't daydream about my relaxing weekend plans on Friday it is so important to make Fridays productive so that you can enjoy the weekend. The Everygirl's is full of great tips! From week long hacks, to Friday rituals, these tips are sure to help you find work/life balance, so you can fully indulge in your well-deserved weekend!
  2. As many of you know I am a total art fanatic! The first thing I did when I moved to Boston was join the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and get involved in the gallery community. While I love experiencing art in person, sometimes it is nice to stay cozy by the fire in the winter time. The National Gallery of Art's highly-regarded , lets you explore their collection without leaving home. With talks from curators to the famed artists themselves, we're thinking a bottle of wine and a home cooked meal would make the perfect cultured accompaniment.
  3. When I need to destress I always turn to the kitchen! I find cooking so relaxing and rejuvenating (minus the cleaning part, but you win some and you lose some) These are sure to lure you out of bed on Sunday morning. Plus with the season of love on the horizon, this is the perfect excuse to give your indulgent Valentines Day breakfast a run through.
  4. While home organization might not be at the top of your weekend to-do list, we like to think of it more as redecorating. We're hoping to keep things light, bright, and clutter-free in 2017. Check out this inspiration on in case you are feeling inspired to stay in and clean up this weekend.
  5. Finally, this week we shared our favorite recipe, guaranteed to fight away the wintertime blues. Taking less than five minutes to make, it's the perfect excuse to unplug on a Sunday evening before you jump right back into the work week.

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