Flower Arrangement Tips | Alice's Table

September 1, 2022

Flower Arrangement Tips: Avoid these 5 mistakes!

Pulling off a professional looking flower arrangement might seem intimidating. And yet? it's really not. Give the tiniest though to color, composition, and care and you'll be halfway there. (True story: Even our very own Founder, Alice Lewis, started out knowing nothing about flowers.) Below are a few easy flower arrangement tips anyone can make to next-level their arrangement game.

1. Use Enough Flowers In Your Arrangement

    More is always more when it comes to flowers! Do a scroll through Pinterest of top-tier arrangements and you'll start to realize that they're generally packed tight with flowers and filler - even if the overall affect comes off as free-flowing. The size of your vase will dictate the amount of flowers you need, but the goal is to to have enough greens so that there's little room for movement.

    2. Don’t Pick Colors That Clash

      Oranges, blues, purples and greens all in one arrangement, welcome to Clash City. There are very okay ( and we mean very) few occasions in life where purposefully opting for over-the-top, dip-dyed hues is okay. Sticking with fewer color is key for creating a polished, cohesive look. And while there re no hard and fast rules, threes an easy number to stick with (think white, pink, and purple with a few variation in each.)

      3. Include Variety In your Flower Arrangement

      There is such a thing as a too uniform arrangement. Alternating rows of red and white roses looks like a bad V-day commercial circa 2000, and nobody wants that, not even your valentine. If you want to keep it all in the family, stick to an all white arrangement, its a never fail and always classy.

      4. Avoid Cutting All Stems the Same Length

      We're all guilt of making this rookie mistake because its eassyyy. You probably remember your mom buying a bunch of flowers, lining them up on the counter, snipping the ends off, and sticking them in a vase. However, the best arrangements include flowers to varying heights with some just peeking over the edge of the vase while others stick out farther. Remember, you can always trim more if you needs to, start cautious and trim from there.

      5. Don't Leave On All The Leaves

      If there's one rule to long lasting flowers you should take away, it's that no foliage should fall under the water level. Underwater, leaves rot quickly and welcome bacteria to your vase, leading to sad and wilting flowers. Even the greenery you use to create your base needs to be plucked clean along the stem.

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