Weekly Flower Tip: Roses

February 9, 2017

Roses are a classically beautiful flower, perfect for almost any arrangement. No matter the season, you can always find a variety in bloom, and with hues ranging from vibrant oranges to elegant whites it’s no wonder they are the most popular cut flower. While they may be seen as the romance flower, these blooms are perfectly suited to any occasion, and with our tips, your roses will last well beyond the special day!

Keep it fresh

Short lived flowers are always a disappointment! You can tell a rose is fresh by squeezing the base of the bud. Look for firm roses — mushy is a no go. Although keep in mind that garden roses tend to have a larger bud and will not have the same firmness even when fresh!

Prep Your Blooms

Make sure to strip your roses of thorns and leaves before arranging, you don't want yourself or any of your guests to have any unwanted finger pricks! We love using thorn strippers, which allow for effortless removal, but if you do not have any, a floral knife will do!

To ensure your arrangement will stay fresh, it is important to trim your stems properly. Make an initial cut a tad beyond where the stem would be long enough to fit in your vase. Then, under warm water, make the final cut with a floral knife at a 45 degree angle. This will increase the amount of water your flower will be able to absorb.

Often when you receive flowers from your local florist you will notice that the outside petals are not as vibrant or fresh as the rest of the flower. These are the guard petals that are kept on to protect the flower during travel. To remove, simply place press down softly on the inside of the guard petal to peel the it away from the flower--be careful not to pluck the petal!

Keep it Temperate

If you would like your rose to open more quickly, place them in warm water, but if you would like to preserve the state of the bloom, use room temperature water (never cold). Roses are fairly hardy, but don't like extreme temperatures, so be sure to keep them in temperature-controlled areas in winter or summer

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