Winter White

December 2, 2015

We are only two days into December and already we have caught that holiday fever. It seems that every weekend from here through January 1st is accounted for: cocktail parties, recitals, company soirees, family gatherings– it's enough to make your head spin!

This season especially, is a time to open your home to the ones you love. So last night, we gathered around the table at The Greatest Bar to prepare for upcoming holiday entertaining. We worked specifically with evergreens and explored how to integrate them into our best wintery white holiday arrangements. The conversation was delightful, the cocktail pairing was delicious and the arrangements were out of this world.

I've posted the flower recipe below so that you recreate that holiday magic for all of your upcoming celebrations. Stay tuned and tomorrow I'll share the cocktail recipe, which is sure to be a party hit. I'd say everyone is ready for their best holiday season yet.

Yours in Style,



  • 4 White Roses
  • 2 Spray Roses
  • 2 Silver Brunia
  • 3 Phlox
  • 2 Variegated Pittosporum
  • Evergreen


  1. Soak your oasis in water until it is fully hydrated, then push it into your vase.
  2. Start building a base for your arrangement with evergreen.
  3. Place stems of roses, spray roses, brunia, and phlox.
  4. Add accents of variegated pittosporum.
  5. Come to an event to learn more about flower arranging with foam!

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