What's Your 2017 Spirit Flower?

December 26, 2016

In cultures around the world, flowers are admired for more than just their beauty. They're seen as symbolic of certain emotions and events. You've probably seen your fair share of white calla lilies in wedding bouquets, which is no surprise because they represent purity and innocence. But it's not all about love and marriage -- there are some serious power flowers out there. As you make your New Years resolutions and get ready to grab 2017 by the horns, find the flower that matches your goals and ambitions. 

Next steps: Find some at your local florist, whip up a bouquet (we can help you with that), put it on your nightstand, and let it be a daily reminder that it's time to rock it!

Protea - In South African tradition (where this flower originates) this unusual, stunning bloom represents change and hope. Starting a new career in the upcoming year? Protea might be just what you need to embrace a big new transformation in your life. 

Forsythia - Not sure what 2017 holds for you, but anxiously awaiting whatever it brings? Forsythia is the flower for you because it symbolizes anticipation. While these lovely yellow flowers aren't in bloom until Spring, you can pin them to your 2017 mood board and look at them whenever you need a reminder of all of the amazing things your future could hold. 

Rose - This classic bloom means love (hence the Valentine's Day connection) and respect. If you're focused on finding a perfect new partner in the new year, let roses be your inspiration. Technically, every different color rose has a different meaning, with red being the most "love-centric" but since red roses aren't for everyone, we won't tell if you swap in your favorite hue. 

Stock - If you're trying to keep it simple and work on improving one small bad habit, stock might be your banner flower. It symbolizes promptness! Put a vase of these beauties next to your alarm clock as a constant reminder that, "NO, you don't have 10 more minutes."

Pink hyacinth - If your New Year's resolution is to be more adventurous and try new things, the pink hyacinth might be for you. It means "playful" and can be your inspiration to not take yourself too seriously in 2017.

Peony - Our fellow #girlbosses out there may be hoping for business success in the new year (and the windfall that comes with it....beach vacation anyone?). The peony symbolizes prosperity in many cultures. While peonies are only in season from April to June, they can serve as that perfect mid-year boost you need. Plus, who doesn't want to gaze at a bouquet of peonies on their desk? 

Ranunculus - One of our favorite flowers at ATHQ, ranunculus, symbolizes charm. If you're looking to make some new friends in 2017, download BumbleBBF and make ranunculus the background on your phone. Look at it for inspiration as you're in an Uber heading out for a night on the town. 

Sweet pea - Maybe you don't want anything new in 2017, but just to reflect and be thankful of all of the wonderful things you experienced in 2016. If so, the sweet pea is for you. It symbolizes gratitude and can serve as a reminder of all you have going for you already.

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