Weekly Flower Tip: Ruscus

March 15, 2017

Today’s flower tip focuses on one of our favorite greens. While ruscus may not be as vibrant as some of the flowers we feature, it’s quickly become one of our favorite bouquet accoutrements. The best thing about this variety? No green thumb required! Ruscus is a hearty plant that will instantly add life to any arrangement, making you look like a floral pro in no time!

Why we love it:

Ruscus is typically not a green that you will find on display at your grocery store or even your florist shelves. However, just ask! Most florists use this variety regularly in their designs and would be happy to provide you with a selection. If you consider floral design a hobby, you may also consider growing your own; ruscus is an easy addition to any home garden!

Care instructions:

Given the heartiness of ruscus' waxy leaves, trimming of leaves is not hugely important, but do be sure to keep this greenery away from direct sunlight, drafts or excessive heat. Fortunately, the waxy leaves will hold up in water and not deteriorate and breed bacteria like many other plants will, making it one of the best greens to incorporate into your water-based arrangements. The plant's hardiness also lends it well to garlands and other arrangements that need little watering.

Display your bouquet:

We often use ruscus in bouquets because of its ability to provide a dark background to make our colorful blooms pop. Choose varieties like ranunculus and roses to create an instant wow-factor! We also are loving the trend of an all-greenery bouquet, it takes only a few minutes to whip up, and lasts longer than most flowers.

Fun fact:

There are different species of ruscus across the globe, and there is even one variety that exists in the mountains of Azerbaijan in its primitive form, having changed little or not at all over centuries!

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