Weekly Flower Tip: Ranunculus!

March 3, 2017

While we love to work with traditional flower varieties, sometimes wilder designs call our name. Ranunculus are unique blooms that add interesting character to any arrangement. Their quirkiness can add a delicate and romantic air when placed thoughtfully in arrangements. Often used in wedding floral design, we love incorporating ranunculus into our everyday bouquets for a less traditional, and more wild design.

Why we love it:

We love the expansive bright jewel-toned hues this variety of flower offers. We suggest featuring a few stems of the same color and combining with other varieties. These blooms are  available at your local florist year round, but we love picking them up at the farmer's market when they’re in season, typically during the summer months.

Care instructions:

We love ranunculus for its easy going nature, if taken care of properly, your blooms should remain bright and healthy for at least seven days. When snipping the stems, be  sure to cut at a 45 degree angle and three inches from the base.  It’s best to remove all leaves from the bottom of the stems to avoid bacteria in the vase. While the stems are hearty, the flowers are very delicate, so be careful not to nudge the buds when placing in a bouquet!

Display your bouquet:

Ranunculus can be a little wild by nature, and sometimes produces curly stems. We suggest using a small piece  of wire to maneuver the stems  into your desired position. Once your blooms are set in the vase, give them a fresh dose of water every day, in addition to a little floral food if they seem to be lacking life.

Ranunculus should be placed out of direct sunlight in a cool area. However, keep them out of reach from any pets, the blooms are poisonous and can be harmful if consumed!

Fun fact:

Ranunculus is Latin for "little frog" and the family includes a variety of flowers, such as the dainty hillside buttercup!

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