Thinking Ahead to Spring: 5 Bulbs to Plant Now

October 7, 2016

While you're thinking about fall, we're already thinking about spring flowers here at Alice's Table! Leaves are falling, flowers are wilting, and the temperature is dipping, which means soon the ground will become frozen. We want to make sure you know what to plant now, so that in the spring your garden will be effortlessly filled with blooms!


Tulips are without a doubt one of the most beautiful flowers. They come in endless varieties, resulting in wild colors and shapes. We love buying a mixture of early, mid and late season bulbs for a long season of color.


Snowdrops are one of the earliest bloomers and  first signs of spring in New England. They're hearty enough to poke through the late winter snow and fight the frost. Plant them on the border of your garden or accompanying larger flowers bulbs.


Irises are a great bulb to plant as they bloom in early summer, and act as a transition between your spring and late-summer blooms. There are over 300 varities to choose from, although the most commonly chosen one is the bearded iris.


Daffodils are one of the most classic bulbs to plant, but create effortless bouquets in the springtime. Similar to snowdrops, daffodils are hearty, and one of the first flowers ready to be picked. While they may not be groundbreaking, their fresh floral scent makes it all worth it after a long winter


While you wont see your Lily's for about 9 months, they sure are worth it. We love pairing different varieties together for a more wild look. Just remember many lily varieties require much different care, so make sure whatever ones you pick, will be able to thrive in your garden space.

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