Secrets to Long-Lasting Hydrangeas

August 3, 2017

The dog days of summer have arrived, which means the infamous hydrangeas are in full bloom! We are absolutely obsessed with these gorgeous flowers and want to share some of our secrets to keeping them alive. Hydrangeas can be a bit tricky as they require lots of water, but with these tips, you will have gorgeous hydrangeas for days.

Cut in the morning: If you are planning on cutting your hydrangeas off of a bush, you should cut them in the morning. The sun has not had a chance to wilt the flower all day, so they will be hearty and fresh in your vase.

Cut at a 45 degree angle and crack the stem: You should cut all flower stems at a 45 degree angle but it is particularly important for hydrangeas. Once you cut at a 45, you also want to "crack the stem." Cut up the center of the stem about half an inch. This allows more water to get to the bloom.

Hydrangeas drink from the bloom: Hydrangeas are one of the few flowers that drink from the petals of their bloom. To keep your hydrangeas fresh, spray them with water a few times a day. You can also place hydrangeas head first into a bucket of warm water when you first cut them and they will last a lot longer!

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