Our Top Secret Hacks To Keep Your Flowers Alive

June 6, 2018

There's nothing more disappointing than picking out (or DIYing!) the perfect bouquet, and three days later watching it wilt - womp womp. From aspirin to pennies, the old wives tales that surround flower care are endless. Today we're debunking these bizarre tales, and sharing our secrets, so you, and your blooms, can stay happier longer.

1. Make it rain!

While we wish we we’re talking about dolla dolla bills, (mo’ money, mo’ flowers, right?), we’re actually talking about the good ol’ spray bottle. Hydrangeas are the flower of summer, and require endless hydration. Hydro, hydr-engea - get it? It's all coming together, we know. Hydrangeas are one of the few flowers that drink from the petals of their bloom. To keep your hydrangeas fresh, spray them with water a few times a day.

And if you’re lucky enough to fresh cut your own, you should be planning to head out in the morning. The sun has not had a chance to wilt the flowers so they will be hearty and fresh in your vase. Pro tip: Once you cut them, dunk the heads upside down in a bucket of water for 10 minutes, we promise, it works.

2. Stick to the 10 second rule.

Many flowers, specifically roses, have the ability to “scab” over in 10-15 seconds once they are cut. Some people opt to cut their flowers under runninng water, however we recommend filling your vase to have it ready to go, so once you cut the stem you can place the rose right in.You can totally choose your own adventure with this, just make sure you limit their time out of the water.

By sticking to this rule, you can ensure the optimum vase life of your roses. Roses need intense hydration and warm water allows water and nutrients to travel to the blooms as quickly as possible. Every three days fill your vase with baby bath temperature water, and trim the stems to maintain their freshness.

3. Keep things squeaky clean.

You’ve probably heard from someone, (grandma maybe?) that placing a penny in your vase will keep your flowers fresh and healthy. While, copper is an excellent fungicide, and we all would love for flower maintenance to be this easy, the copper on modern day pennies is minimal and not water soluble.

So, instead of searching your seat cushions for pre-1982 pennies to keep your vase squeaky clean, we recommend making sure no leaves get into the water and changing your water every three days. Leaves are bacteria breeders and if you simply make sure to change the water and give your stems a few fresh snips, you’ll be all set.

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