No Time to DIY? 5 Tips for Picking Out Fool-Worthy Grocery Store Flowers

January 17, 2018

Between busy work days and hectic weekend errands, a trip to the florist or farmer's market can be out of the question, let alone not very economical. Grocery store flowers can get a bad rap, but with a few simple tweaks, blooms from Whole Foods or Trader Joe's can be transformed into florist-worthy arrangements (and don't require a separate line item on your to-do list or your budget). Use our tips and tricks to make the most of your store-bought flowers -- we promise, nobody will know the difference!

Color Coordinate

Grocery store bouquets can look busy and jarring because of overwhelming color combinations and their attempts to pack in many varieties of flowers. Try buying a variety of separate stems in one color and pairing them. We love a simple all-white combination -- it's easy to coordinate, white flower are usually readily available, and always looks more expensive than the price tag.  

Another option is to pick up the biggest bouquet on the shelf and divide the flowers into multiple, smaller bouquets. You can group them by color, or create simpler, more minimalist arrangements. This not only creates more visually appealing blooms, it allows you to spread your flower purchase out across multiple rooms in your home – it’s a win-win!

Go Green

We've shared this tip a few times this winter, but one of the simplest things you can do is to use greenery to decorate your home. Whether using it to bulk up a measly grocery store bouquet or showcasing on its own, greens are an affordable, long-lasting option that are available at most grocery stores. We especially love eucalyptus, which comes in a ton of varieties, smells great, and looks just as good on its own as it does in a bouquet.

Show Them Off

The wrong vase can immediately make your store-bought flowers look sad and droopy. Make sure you're using the right kind of vase for the arrangement, and don't be afraid to use some florist tricks, like creating a tape grid, to keep your arrangement looking perky and professional. And if your flowers need some extra flair, create drama with vase fillers or creative flower holders.

Show Them You Care

Store bought flowers have a longer journey from farm to shelf in cramped quarters, so they're rarely going to be as fresh and long-lasting as your farmer's market blooms. But never fear! With a little extra TLC Some extra care can help extend their lives.

To ensure the blooms are drinking the most water possible, always make sure to snip your stems at a 45-degree angle. Change the water in the vase every few days to keep bacteria from building up, and don't forget to use that plant food that comes with your bouquet – yes, it actually works! When the time comes to arrange and display, take a few moments to fluff up the flowers and leaves, taking your bouquet from tense to voluminous in a matter of seconds.

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