Monthly Flower Tip: Gerbera Daisies

July 10, 2017

Gerbera Daisies are perfect for any occasion (or simply no occasion at all)! Their flamboyant blooms add a touch of whimsy and a pop of color to any arrangement - it’s no wonder they’re the fifth most popular cut flower in the world!

Originating from South Africa, these ubiquitous blooms can easily be found in your neighborhood shop. And with beautiful jewel tones ranging from deep pinks to crisp whites, it can be hard to choose which color to buy! The best part? It doesn’t matter! Gerbera daisies are one of the best blooms to mix and match to your heart's content - a DIY-lover’s paradise!

Care Instructions

While we do love how simple gerbera daisies are to care for, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind to keep your blooms lasting well beyond the day you arrange them. Their considerable flowers, cause them to be head-heavy, and with delicate stems supporting them, it's important to make sure they have other flower supporting them, especially in hand-tie arrangements.

Prep your vase by combining warm water and a sachet of plant food. Using a clean knife, cut the stems at a 45-degree angle and immediately place the flowers in the vase. The water should be very shallow, only covering about an inch of the stems, otherwise soft and weak stems may be in your near future. As soon as the water starts to discolor, give your stems a fresh drink, and a trim if they appear spongy.

In the warmer months set your bouquet away from any air conditioning or strong direct light. We love using Gerbera Daisies as a dining room centerpiece or a bedside arrangement.

Display Your Blooms

Due to their dazzling nature, Gerbera Daisies don’t need much for accompaniment. However, if you’re like us and simply just like playing with flowers, peppering the arrangement with baby’s breath, delicate white flowers like chamomile, or light greenery, can easily to add texture. However, on days when you have less than 5 minutes to spare, a few stems in a vase will look just as beautiful.

Wedding bells in your future? We love gerbera daisies as the bride's bouquet. Gerbera daisies prove that even one of the most simplistic of arrangements can pack a show-stopping punch!

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