Beyond the Blooms: How to Fill Your Vase

November 7, 2016

Clear vases are one of the best ways to display your bouquets: they're timeless, clean, and allows the vibrant color of the flowers to be the main focus. However, sometimes we're met with mangey and messy stems, which don't provide a clean look. Today we're sharing effortless solutions to combat just that; accouterments to add inside your vase. 


Everyone always has a lemon in their kitchen, and luckily they can easily be used to save your bouquet. Not only are lemons a chic vase decoration, but they actually help to extend the life of your flowers. The acidity to decrease bacteria, and increase water flow into the flowers. Slice your lemon relatively thin, and press against the side of your vase. We love to pair lemons with a white-based bouquet.


We chose cranberries because of the current Thanksgiving season, but you could choose any small, subtle fruit to make it more appropriate for anytime of year. 


You probably have seen people fill clear vases with their corks to create a sort of sentimental decor piece, well why not add some flowers! You can either collect your own corks or buy them in bulk online, to create a fun dinner table centerpiece.


Yes, we really mean it. At first we were hesitant too, but if you use the miniature variety for a slightly larger bouquet, it can create quite the show stopping piece. We suggest using red and yellow hued flowers, to pair nicely with the orange of the pumpkin. You also could use white pumpkins for a simple and clean aesthetic. 


Using stones as a vase decoration is probably one of the easiest solutions. The great thing is that you can create a solid background  to highlight your flowers. If you are using vividly bright colored blooms, using dark stones would showoff their vibrancy even more. During the summer months, swapping the stones for shells can be an easy seasonal switch. 

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