Dried Flowers for Fall

September 27, 2016

With the warm weather and sunny days on their way out, it can be sad to say goodbye to the surplus of fresh flowers summer brings us. However, you can easily surround yourself with the beauty of flowers year round by incorporating dried flowers into your home decor. While it may seem a little daunting, we've collected a few of our favorite simple ways to use dried flowers below!

1. The Traditional Bouquet

A dried flower bouquet is almost effortless and a classic decor piece for any home. They make the perfect fall-time centerpiece, and require no maintenance when the holiday season starts to pick up. Many craft stores and Etsy artisans now even sell them pre-made!

2. Framed Dried Flowers

This is a simple way decorate a small space or even create an accent wall. Many brides now preserve their wedding bouquets in frames to always have a reminder of their special day. 

3. Dried Flower Garland

These can require a little more effort, but are a great touch to bring life to any space. They make a great addition to an office or kitchen wall, you could even add some dried herbs to add a chefs flair!

4. Dried Flower Candle 

Another simple way to bring flowers into your home is through adding them to candles. Simply tie a decorative string around the candle, and secure the stems underneath. You could create many to make a centerpiece or keep one at your bedside for a sweet decoration.

5. Dried Flower Wreath

Wreaths are timeless and bring warmth to your front door. You can use your favorite dried flowers, we love hydrangeas and roses for the fall.

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