1 Flower, 3 Ways: Hydrangeas

July 17, 2017

If you're like us, hydrangeas have been blowing up your social-media feeds (kabloom!) and, frankly, we can't get enough. This summer, they're out of control from the west coast to the east, filling up buckets in flower shops and supermarkets alike with their cloudburst blossoms, and sparking all kinds of ideas for creative arrangements.

We love a hydrangea because their bang-for-your-buck quotient is off the charts—place a single stem in a small vase and voilà: an arrangement that took no arranging. If one stem in a vase is Hydrangeas 101, we're bringing you Hydrangeas 102 with three looks that range from elegantly chic to footloose and fancy-free.

Effortlessly Chic

Many times, hydrangeas play a backup role—the J-Hud to Beyonce in Dreamgirls. But in this compact display, white hydrangeas get equal billing to pink (dare we say millennial-pink?) peonies and cool silver brunia. To pull off this thoroughly modern look, strip away all leaves, cut your stems equal length (always at 45-degree angles), and evenly space out your blooms.

Flight of Fancy

Here, bursts of green hydrangeas riff off beyond-bright roses, lilies, and ranunculus in a boho arrangement that tiptoes on the wild side. The color play is further enhanced by eye-catching stalks of filler. To DIY this arrangement, first place your filler flowers and branches for volume and stability, then fill in with hydrangeas, and finally intersperse the single blooms, keeping them spaced out so their color is evenly distributed.

Sweet and Simple

Three words: Easy does it. Here, a cloud of blue hydrangeas (yep, this shade really occurs in nature) is punctuated by white roses and lilies with a few hits of filler for added color and texture. In this anybody-can-do it arrangement, a backdrop of deep-green leaves sets the stage for several hydrangea stalks grouped together, with additional flowers tucked in willy-nilly. Other color combos to consider: all white, pale pink and purple, green and yellow.

Learn how to care for hydrangeas here!

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