Flowers and Flour

September 30, 2015

Last night we had an amazing launch event at Pastoral in Fort Point. We kicked off the party with a mixology demonstration by Pastorals mixologist Tim Kotkowski and learned how to make the "Not A Martini", a grapefruit filled vodka cocktail. Check back tomorrow for the recipe!

Since dahlia season is in full swing, I build a recipe that focused on amazing orange dahlias. Paired with white hydrangeas there was no way to go wrong. I love mixing fall colors with whites to keep the summer vibe a little bit longer into the cool months. Check out this flower recipe and come to one of our upcoming classes for fun and inspiring arrangements.


  • 2 Hydrangeas
  • 1 Dahlia
  • 2 Roses
  • 1 Queen Anne's Lace
  • 5 Globe Amaranth


  1. Start with one hydrangea and work your way outwards.
  2. Thread dahlia and roses through the hydrangea for a fantastic look!
  3. Add in accent stems of Queen Anne's Lace and Globe Amaranth.
  4. Join us at our next event for a detailed lesson on flower arranging!

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