Flower Friday: Tropical Centerpiece

April 8, 2016

We had the unique opportunity this week to help the Thompson Island Outward Bound program make the centerpieces for their annual fundraiser gala - what a fun night! The event this year had a tropical theme, and we were tasked with creating 50 centerpieces for the event, with the help of some gracious volunteers. As expected, they turned out fantastic!

We created two different arrangements, but the one we are featuring today is the smaller one of the two. It's a very interesting piece, full of unique blooms and funky textures. We used both regular-sized and king proteas for the arrangement. They look like they are sharp and rough to the touch, but they're actually incredibly soft!

Thanks so much to Thompson Island for having us be a part of this great event -- we can't wait to do it again!

We'll see you at the Table! xo


  • Ruscus
  • 3 Trick Dianthus
  • 3 Protea
  • 1 King Protea
  • 3 Pussy Willow Branches


  1. Green your base using ruscus.
  2. Create a base floral structure in your arrangement using trick dianthus.
  3. Strip most of the leaves off your proteas. Place the three regular sized ones in the arrangement first, then place the king protea in the center of the three other proteas.
  4. Add your pussy willow branches to the center, staggered about 2 inches apart.
  5. Voila! It's party time!

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