Floral Filled Mardi Gras

February 10, 2016

Last night, we hosted an event at La Brasa in Somerville for a Floral Filled Mardi Gras. We made a vibrant arrangement that's sure to brighten anyone's day! In addition to playing with color, we also included various textural elements in the arrangement.

Our bouquets included green trick dianthus, bright yellow spray roses, green orchids, green hypericum berries, pincushion protea, Gerbera daisies, and Italian ruscus. I love how all the textures make your eye travel around the arrangement - it's definitely a head-turner!

Joyously yours,



  • Italian Ruscus
  • 2 Green Cymbidium Orchids
  • 2 Green Trick Dianthus
  • 2 Gerbera Daisies
  • 3 Stems Yellow Spray Roses
  • 1 Pincushion Protea
  • Green Hypericum Berries


  1. Using clear floral tape, create a tic-tac-toe grid on the mouth of your vase. Fill your vase with water.
  2. Snip your stems of ruscus into shorter stems, and place them in your vase to create a green base.
  3. Prepare your orchids for placement in the arrangement by sticking the stem into a bud tube full of water. Tape the tube to a wooden dowel using floral tape. Set the orchids aside for later.
  4. Place your green trick dianthus and gerbera daisies into your vase.
  5. Fill any gaps in your arrangement with spray roses.
  6. Choose a focal point in your arrangement and place your pincushion protea, as well as your orchids.
  7. Use hypericum berries to fill any remaining holes and add a bit of texture to your arrangement.

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