Debunking Old Wives Tales

December 12, 2016

There's nothing more disappointing than picking out the perfect bouquet, and three days later watching it wilt. From aspirin to pennies, the old wives tales that surround flower care are endless. Today we're debunking these bizzare tales, so you and your blooms can stay happier longer. 

1. Cut your roses under hot water: True

We love this tip! Not only is it true, but it is one of the simplest thing you can do ensure the optimum vase life of your roses. Roses need intense hydration and warm water allows water and nutrients to travel to the blooms as quickly as possible. Every three days fill your vase with lukewarm water (about the same temperature as bathwater), and trim the stems under hot water to maintain their freshness.

2. Place a Penny in your Vase: Slightly True

While we all would love for flower maintenance to be this easy, this trick unfortunately only slightly works for tulips. Copper is an excellent fungicide, however, the copper on modern day pennies is minimal and not water soluble. We vote saving your pennies for a day when you need a floral pick me up!

3. Place Aspirin in the Vase: False

Contrary to decades of popular belief, this old wives tale is false. At first it may appear to work, but by day three your stems will turn a grey color that will have you wishing for wilting flowers instead. While an aspirin a day keeps the doctor away, it doesn't keep away the florist. 

4. Pour Vodka in the Vase: Slightly of True

While vodka does contain antimicrobial properties, the drink actually slightly halts wilting a flower's production of ethylene, the ripening gas that plants emit, providing you with wilt-free blooms for a couple more days. While you're welcome to try out this tip, we wouldn't rely on it--save the vodka to create one of our delicious cocktail recipes instead!

5. Place Your Flowers in the Fridge: True

Every night before hitting the hay, place your bouquet inside your fridge--think of a florists shop! Your flowers will not keep your blooms fresh, but also just as vibrant over a week after you purchased them.

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