Blooms and Bubbly

October 19, 2015

Saturday we flooded Carrie Nation Cocktail Club with bright blooms and bubbly! Michael, Carrie Nation's incredible mixologist, created a special cocktail for the event called the Rose Petal, which paired perfectly with the pink, peach, and purple florals we arranged.

We created an arrangement with dahlias, tiffany roses, hydrangeas, and gerber daisies with accents of hypericum berry and stock. Below is the flower recipe. For the cocktail recipe, check out tomorrow's post on the Rose Petal.


  • 2 Gerber Daisies
  • 2 Dahlias
  • 2 Tiffany Roses
  • 1 Hydrangea
  • 1 Hypericum Berry


  1. Start with the hydrangea and work your way outwards.
  2. Thread in gerber daisies, dahlias, and tiffany roses.
  3. Add in accent stems of hypericum berry and stock.
  4. Join us at our next event for a detailed lesson on flower arranging!

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