5 Back-To-Fall Habits Every Successful Woman Practices

August 19, 2020

As the end of August approaches and the long summer days begin to get shorter, we can’t help but be hit with a sense of nostalgia for the back-to-school days. And although we’re no longer hitting the books, there are ways we can capitalize on the “back-to-fall” shift in routine and translate it into best practices in our careers. Shaking up your day-to-day and implementing new habits is a surefire way to end the summer and jump head-first into fall feeling refreshed, motivated, and ready to take on the world. Read on for our top five tips and tricks to incorporate into your daily life for a full fall-reset.

1. Grow Your Network

Now, before your palms start sweating and your heart starts beating out of your chest, hear us out. Between weekend trips, after-work drinks with friends, family BBQs, weddings (so many weddings), and squeezing in the smallest bit of “me time”our schedules allow, we can pretty much guarantee any type of professional development (we’re bringing out the big words folks) have been put on the back burner this summer.

And while we can count on our hands the people who love networking, it should never be bumped to the bottom of the list. When we thought about it, most everyone at our HQ has landed some of their biggest and best opportunities because of networking. Was it fun? Not particularly. Was it awkward? Definitely. But did it change our lives for the better? Yes.

Now that summer’s on its way out and our calendars are bound to free up, it’s the perfect time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Look in your city for local business networking groups like Six Degrees Society and The Lady Project, or even a social sports teams - yes, we’re here to say networking while playing inner tube water polo counts, you can thank us later.

2. Reset Your (Body) clock

Summer is often to thank when your snooze button starts getting some extra love. But don’t worry we’re not about to tell you to start hitting the hay at 8pm, we’re all for a slowwww reset. If summer Fridays have created the habit of working late into the night on the other days to get things done, set a time you’ll unplug consistently every night. You’ll slowly start training yourself to optimize the window of time you have to get things done and make time to do something not work related every night. If you love cooking, but your sous chef happens to go by the name of Postmates (we’ve been there), try using a meal subscription box like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh. If a once a week girls night is at the top of your list, but you can never seem to coordinate schedules, try meeting up before work for coffee. It's all about prioritizing what matters most and taking advantage of those modern-day hacks we all know and love.

3. Solidify Your Routines

While we wish we could say we spent dawn and dusk meditating, journaling and eating beautifully thought out meals, it's typically a mad dash from the closet to the fridge to the car, with a heck of a lot of caffeine thrown into the mix. A curated morning routine sets the tone for the day, just as an established evening routine can leave you feeling relaxed, at ease, and ready to do it all again the next day (or not, because let's be honest, life is unpredictable). Our advice? Start by figuring out what activities (big or small), allow you to start your morning or end your day feeling your best. Start off with current habits that you may only get around to once a week, or even month, and start implementing them daily.

4. Audit Those Goals

Remember that 5 year plan you mapped out? Or what about the side hustle you said you’d start working on next year, two years ago? The start of fall is the perfect time to take a step back and see which goals you’ve hit, which you’re still on track to accomplish, and which goals you completely lost sight of. Ask yourself: Am I using these goals to give myself a false reality of accomplishment or moving forward? Why haven’t I achieved the goals - were they pushed to the back burner or was I busy working on something else? Here at AT HQ we participate in daily stand ups, each team member shares what’s on their docket for the day and what their goals are for the week. By doing a deep dive together you’ll be ready to set new goals or maybe re-adjust your focus.

5. Assign Yourself Homework

We guarantee there’s some class or hobby you’ve thought about trying out, but found some excuse pass on. From fencing to flower arranging to learning how to code, you name it, there’s a class for it. Fall is chock-a-block full of informative courses and fun classes that can spark your creativity or help you discover a new passion. Look into companies like General Assembly and Skillshare who offer courses that can help you achieve your professional or personal goals, and have a little fun while you’re at it.

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