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ATX Woman: In Full Bloom

March 23, 2018

Alice’s Table is empowering women, one flower at a time.

Alice Lewis wants to bring your favorite D.I.Y. blog to life. Her company, Alice’s Table, offers flower-arranging classes that not only provide all the tools to create Instagram-worthy bouquets, but that also give women a place to gather offline. The classes are currently available in 36 states, including Texas, and after Lewis’ recent appearance on Shark Tank, the company has grown exponentially.

Lewis first came up with the name Alice’s Table and her current logo while in college and having aspirations of turning it into a blog. But feeling like the blogging scene was becoming increasingly crowded, she set the idea aside. With degrees in visual studies and consumer psychology, she entered the world of entrepreneurship instead. After working for two startups in the fine-arts industry, she decided to come back to her college dream.

Lewis saw a gap in the market when it came to women seeking flexibility in their careers. For stay-at-home moms wanting part-time work or women just looking for a side hustle, there weren’t many options. With some reinvention, Alice’s Table went from a potential lifestyle blog to an empowering lifestyle business for women throughout the country.

“If you feel like you have an idea that’s good enough to start, you have to go for it,” Lewis says, or else you lose momentum.

She speaks from experience, after spending only a few months researching and planning before launching her company in 2015. The concept is simple but powerful: Train event executives to sell and teach flower-arranging classes, offer business experience to the women running the classes and create a time of community and fun for the women attending.

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