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Melissa & Robin


Melissa Estep and Robin Kornett have been working together for years as a dynamic duo of creativity, humor, and meticulous taste. Melissa is an award-winning realtor with an eye for interiors. And Robin is a published graphic designer with deep roots in luxury events. Combining their professional talents and sought-after design skills, the women created Two Blooms several years ago and have been creating epic memories and elaborate parties ever since. Together, they host our floral arranging and culinary events at Alice’s Table, entertaining guests with back-and-forth banter, sharing top tricks, and dishing out a few décor secrets.


We have been with Alice’s Table for 3 amazing years. It has given us the opportunity to learn, be creative, teach new skills and bring happiness to others, all while having SO much fun! We take great pride in ensuring all our guests have a wonderful experience every time, no matter the occasion. We look forward to hosting you soon.

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Hometown kitchen:

Sarasota, FL – The sunshine state of citrus and blooms

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Theme song:

Robin: "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang. This song just instantly puts me in a good mood and reminds me of lots of fun events attended over the years with family and friends.

Melissa: "High Hopes" by Panic! at the Disco. I have always loved this song. Every time I listen to it I am inspired to keep going!

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Favorite flower:

We love Tulips! They are whimsical and happy, and they remind us of spring and new beginnings.

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Favorite cheese:

Robin: Smokey Blue. I love that it's bold with an unexpected twist of flavor.

Melissa: Brie. There are so many different ways to serve it. I enjoy it with a baguette