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Cristina Hoff


Cristina Hoff is the ultimate entertainer and guide. With over twenty years of teaching experience, Cristina has taught and performed at top universities and professional sporting events as a dancer and fitness instruction. Prior to joining Alice’s Table she oversaw the recreation center at Harvard University and was a Member of the Cambridge Dance Company. Cristina combines her love of teaching and entertaining with her personal passion for food and flowers. Cristina keenly believes: “Charcuterie making- it's an art form and a life skill, like learning to play tennis & bridge.” Join Cristina for our floral or culinary events and add to your skill checklist tenfold.


I love sharing products, tips and tricks with my family and friends. If I discover something that I consider a game changer I can’t sit on the information. Nothing makes me happier than sharing my knowledge and helping others. What I love the most about hosting is bringing people together to learn a new creative skill and then seeing their excitement. Seeing my guests feel successful which boosts their mood and confidence is so rewarding to see.

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Hometown kitchen:

Wellesley, MA just outside Boston

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Theme song:

"Walking on Sunshine"

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Favorite flower:

Hydrangeas. They remind me of summer in Rhode Island & Nantucket. I’m a a huge advocate of treating yourself to flowers. Why wait for someone to buy them?

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Favorite cheese:

I have never met a cheese I didn't like!