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Brandy Fernow is a professional chef and culinary instructor with over 16 years of experience. She began her culinary adventure after leaving the Big4 accounting corporate world for the kitchen and finding a passion for teaching. She has taught over 1,500 classes of all sizes and varieties as a lead chef instructor for corporate team building and client entertainment events. A self-proclaimed savory chef, rather than a baker, Chef Brandy passes on measuring and formulas of baking and instead enjoys the creativity in cooking. Understanding the fundamentals of flavor, means you can make anything. Chef Brandy reveals anecdotes and fun facts during our charcuterie workshops, talking about how all the elements of salt, sweet, fat, and acid come together on your board.


Sharing my love and knowledge of cheese, charcuterie and how it all fits together as an experience brings me great joy. I adore interacting with my guests and being their guide. As a host – the best classes are the ones with lots of questions. It’s really rewarding at the end to hear them excited by what they have learned and created. And introducing people to ingredients or techniques they have not been exposed to before so they are empowered in the kitchen, is fantastic. Come join me for an event to indulge and discover!

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Hometown kitchen:

An hour west of Chicago, IL

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Theme song:

"Brandy You’re A Fine Girl"

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Favorite flower:

Lilacs - they remind me of my mom.

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Favorite cheese:

Jasper Hills Harbison – it’s a soft creamy cheese with a rustic bloomy rind and wrapped in spruce bark so has this earthy/woodsy taste but also sweet. Amazing with mushrooms and baguette.