Luke's Lobster Roll Workshop

Step by step, your expert host will teach you all the secret tips and tricks on how to make this highly sought-after summer treat in an exclusive gourmet lobster roll workshop.

Step 1


When you receive your package from Luke's Lobster remove the pack of lobster meat as soon as possible and place it in the freezer. 1-2 days before the workshop place the lobster on a plate in the refrigerator to thaw. It will take between 16-24 hours to completely thaw in the fridge. This method is the best and most effective way to thaw your lobster meat to ensure it retains its best-in-class taste and texture. Do not thaw the lobster meat under warm water or leave it on the counter to thaw. Once thawed your lobster meat should be enjoyed within 6 days. The split-top buns and seasoning packet can be held on the countertop, bread box, or cupboard until the workshop

Step 2


Your package from Luke's Lobster Online Market will include: 1 pound of ready-to-eat lobster knuckle and claw meat, 4 New England-style split-top buns, and 1 packet of Luke's Secret Seasoning. In order to create our authentic lobster roll recipe you should plan to have the following ingredients on hand; 2 Tbsp. butter, 2 tsp. mayo, and 1/2 tsp fresh lemon juice. Although you do not need any of these tools to create the perfect lobster roll (it doesn't take a great chef to make a great lobster roll, it just takes great lobster which you'll have!) these tools can be helpful to have on hand: serrated knife (to shave off the sides of buns to get the perfect toasted bun) and a griddle (for toasting, but you can also use any 'ole pan).

Step 3


Look out for an email from us on how to join our host live and let the magic unfold. Join us on video for this interactive and hands-on experience! For additional support, visit