Cocktail Garden Workshop

Receive an assortment of fully rooted cocktail herbs and a complete customized garden kit with your growing container, all the soil you need and plant nutrients to ensure you have a season of delicious harvests. Celebrate the "Cut to Cocktail" movement by tuning in for a fun, informative, virtual outdoor container garden workshop with Gardenuity.

Step 1


Before our workshop, do give your plants one good drink of water by placing them on a tray or pie dish with some water in it. Let these plants soak from the bottom up for about 30mins and then keep them inside and let them dry out between waterings - making sure they can still get some light. Do this when they arrive, and again on the morning of the workshop.

Step 2


Grab a watering can and some scissors and make sure to follow the pre-event instructions (you should see an event letter when you open your package!)

Step 3


Look out for an email from us on how to join our host live and let the magic unfold. Join us on video for this interactive and hands-on experience! For additional support, visit