XO Alice - Why I Started

May 19, 2016

When I began to think about my XO Alice blog for this month, I couldn't help but realize that I have not told the story of why I started Alice's Table. 

I began dreaming of an innovative lifestyle business about 10 years ago. I felt that there was not a business that truly connected people in the lifestyle industry, but I lacked clear direction on what the business would look like. 

I started my career in tech start-ups and became so busy that my pinterest dreams were a glimmer of the past, when it hit me! The direct sales industry had not been innovated in decades and the sip and do concept was prime for the lifestyle space. 

I set out to create a platform that allows women around the country to have the infrastructure and support to start their very own sip and do businesses under our umbrella. We believe that all women can have their own businesses within a community. We are committed to creating the platform for women to have flexible, sustainable careers that facilitate The Joyous Life.

XO, Alice

Alice’s table is a new generation of entertainment, offering premium live streaming events with a tangible flair. Our curated workshops mix and stir top talent with crave-worthy kits to bring you an experience to remember. From farm-fresh florals to gourmet culinary, the magic begins with a delivery of premium materials direct to your door.