Decorating with Floral Wallpaper

September 8, 2016

Decorating with wallpaper doesn't have to be scary! Using wallpaper also isn't as outdated as you'd think. In fact, I'm a huge fan of it these days, especially when it's floral wallpaper. There are tons of different ways to decorate with it and I'm excited to share a few of my favorites today.

Go big or go home

Many of the floral wallpapers I see boast smaller floral patterns. Instead, go big! Try out a wallpaper like this tropical one with sweeping green leaves and large-scale flowers. Let it be the hero wall of the room. I mean really though, it certainly would deserve the spotlight if it looked like this!

Use it in unexpected places

If you find a floral wallpaper that you adore, but you're scared of plastering an entire wall with it - don't! Instead, use it in unexpected places, like the powder room (or even your linen closet!). And if you think it'll be too overbearing, add tile to the mix. Split the wall up between your tile (subway tile is my favorite!) and the floral wallpaper.

Mix your patterns

Just because you're using floral wallpaper doesn't mean everything else in the room has to be solid. Mix your patterns! If mixing patterns makes you nervous (don't worry, it still makes me nervous, too), Thou Swell's, Kevin O'Gara, has a whole post with expert tips for mixing patterns. A great place to start is with patterned pillows, like in this photo from One Kings Lane. Then go beyond that! Add in some smaller patterns in different colors if you want to brighten up the room even more.

There you have it - a few ways that you, too, can start decorating with floral wallpaper. Think you're ready to dive in? Let us know how you'll be incorporating floral wallpaper in your home!

Written by: Gabi Valladares of By Gabriella

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