What Your 8 Favorite Flowers Say About You

June 10, 2016

1. Lilies 

The compassionate one. You're caring and you take pride in your long list of accomplishments. The elegant air of the lily stands behind its meaning of regal. You too may be known as the "mom" of your group of friends, but you certainly make up for it withy your impeccable sense of style and friendly demeanor. 

2. Orchids

Orchids, the refined, elegant, and classy flower. You too are the classy and sophisticated one, with a bit of a mysterious side. With over 26,049 accepted species of orchids, you too love worldly experiences. Like the orchid which sprouts from a solitary bulb, you have a close circle of friends with whom you treat like family. You always strive to look your best, which definitely justifies your monthly facials! 

3. Daisies

Just like daisies, the optimistic and cheerful flower, you always bring out the best in others. You cherish friends and love making others smile. The daisy is known to often drink or eat too much, and you too have been crowned the life of the party! The daisy which is infamous for it's "he loves me, he loves me not" tradition makes you a bit indecisive by nature, but a cheery, free-spirit at that! 

4. Peonies 

Just like a peony, you're full of life and love. This bloom doesn't require much attention and you yourself, you love surprising people, but don't ask for much in return. You're a giver not a taker and people love having you around. Peonies are often characterized for their big tap root that prefers to be kept in one place. You also enjoy a good movie night with girlfriends and simple gestures like hand written notes. 

5. Tulips

Everyone love tulips, just like everyone loves you. Tulips are associated with true love ad cheerful thoughts. Your smile has the power to brighten the room and your warm personality draws people to you. Your Instagram is filled with pictures of all your BFFs and you love every minute of each day. 

6. Roses

You're a romantic to the bone. Relationships form your core...and often your thoughts. Open your closet and we'll find a bounty of pink and girly frills. Roses are one of the most admired flowers and you yourself are admired by many. 

7. Sunflowers 

Hello, sunshine! Like the sunflower itself, a symbol of dedicated love, your presence lights up a room. You often find yourself making friends wherever you go. Just like the large sun, which the sunflower was named after, you're the person everyone gravitates towards because of your optimism and bubbly personality. No matter how tough life gets, you always look at the glass half-full! 

8. Daffodils 

The daffodil is considered a symbol of wealth and good fortune. You're no stranger to hard work and good karma and truly believe it will all pay off in the end! You're hardworking and great at multitasking. Like the daffodil, you prefer a peaceful environment filled with sunshine. 

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