Gardenuity Cocktail Garden

About the Workshop

Receive an assortment of fully rooted cocktail herbs and a complete customized garden kit with your growing container, all the soil you need and plant nutrients to ensure you have a season of delicious harvests. Celebrate the "Cut to Cocktail" movement by tuning in for a fun, informative, virtual outdoor container garden workshop with Gardenuity.

Throughout the workshop, we will teach you step-by-step how-to setup and care for your seasonal herb garden. We will also share our favorite recipes that incorporate your fresh edible plants and how to let your cocktail garden be part of your summer cocktail parties, as well as tips and tricks for caring for your new garden. In addition, we will discuss the many wellness benefits of gardening, from mental and physical wellness to social wellbeing.

Each outdoor cocktail herb garden ships with everything you need to get your container garden started with fully-rooted, live plant collections ready to plant during the Gardenuity Workshop. You don’t need a big yard for this garden! Your custom garden can grow on your patio, porch or balcony.

What's In The Kit

Each ticket includes a collection of fully rooted herb plants and a customized garden kit with a grow bag, soil, a season of plant nutrients and access to Grow Pro support all delivered right to your door. All you will need is access to a little water.

You will be receiving two shipments – the first shipment is your garden kit and the second shipment will include your plant collection that is shipped directly from the farm partner.

Our Partner

We’ve teamed up with Gardenuity on a workshop collaboration to bring you award-winning experiences where you’ll design your own container garden. Discover a wide variety of live streaming events, from florals to wreaths, and everything in between.