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Additional Responsibilities and Requirements:

  • Flexibility to commit to teaching 5-10 events per month or as needed during the evenings (including weekends)
  • Participation on pre-event client calls when necessary
  • Active participation in training sessions to prepare for teaching classes, as well as self-motivation to learn as much as possible about the wine and cheese worlds
  • Openness to feedback sessions and commitment to constantly honing the flow of the class to maximize guest engagement and satisfaction
  • Willingness to adhere to company standards around dress code and background when teaching classes
  • A professional presence that translates well over video to captivate and engage large audiences
  • Ability to think on the fly/adjust naturally and confidently if something doesn't go according to plan
  • Passion and knowledge about wines and cheeses
  • Social media following in the lifestyle space a plus!
  • Must be based in the United States. Boston area location preferred but not required.

To Apply

Please send your resume to careers@alicestable.com.

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