Cozy In Colorado: 2019 Winter Collection

November 1, 2019

The Inspiration

I have always been a city girl at heart; I grew up in Chicago, went to school in New York, and now live in Boston. So, as a kid, when I had the chance to break away from dirty snowbanks and slushy puddles, I was in heaven. The first time I ever traveled out West was to ski was with my family. I remember complaining to my mom about how heavy my skis were, how thick and itchy my wool socks were ...and then I laid eyes on the mountain. I had never seen anything like it, there was pristine white snow - everywhere.

Since then, I have been able to explore many places out West, but Colorado continues to be my favorite. There’s something about it that makes everything feel right in the world, especially during the holiday season. Maybe it's that you feel like you’re perpetually in a snow globe, or that everyone is grinning from ear to ear or maybe it's just that there is no limit to the amount of hot chocolate you can consume.

This season, I wanted to capture the warmth and classic holiday feel Colorado exudes so well. By taking the traditional holiday color palette, and fusing more modern elements into the recipes, we’ve created six new recipes that I can't wait for you to experience. Near or far from the state, I hope this collection allows you to experience the magic of Colorado that I have grown to know and love.



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