Alice's Joyous Life Roundup

January 18, 2019

What I Love From Around the Web…

I was blown away by entrepreneur Veronika Scott when Sara Blakely's introduced her work on Instagram this week. Veronika designed The EMPWR coat, a water-resistant jacket, which can transform into a sleeping bag for those suffering from homelessness. And what's even more amazing is that Sara gave each of her employees one coat to give to someone in need!

Joanna Gaines announced this week, that together with her kids, she is releasing a new book in March called We Are The Gardeners. To celebrate they'll be hosting launch events on March 14th and 15th at The Silos. If the cover is any indication of how sweet the book will be, I think I need to start looking into plane tickets!

Calling all Boston locals! Alice Walk is hosting their first ever sample sale next weekend! If you've never been introduced to their amazing made-to-order clothing line or the founder Emily, you're in for a treat!

The 5th season of Grace and Frankie was released last week...need I say more?

Happenings at HQ

Galentine's events are selling out fast and furiously! If you've been waitlisted for an event, why not host a private party?! We come to you, set-up, clean-up, and put on a fabulous workshop with you and your best gals. The parties I've hosted with my friends over the years have been some of my best memories, and I can't wait for them to become some of yours!

A Parting Note

The Academy released the Oscar nominations this week and I think its safe to say that I have some serious catching up to do before February 24th!

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