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A Trip To The South of France: Alice's Table 2019 Spring Collection

March 2, 2019

I was first introduced to the South of France through an immersion program in high school. Since then, I've been able to travel back a few times, and each time fall in love just a little bit more. From the cobblestone streets that look over the French Riviera, to the birthplace of rosé, to the picturesque lavender fields, it’s simply stunning!

The South of France has been an inspiration for so many artists around the world. As someone who has a huge passion for art, translating those works and locations I’ve been so lucky enough to visit, into arrangements, has been a dream come true. Using some of my best memories as my canvas, each recipe reflects the crispness of spring, juxtaposed against the relaxed nature of the South of France.

Whether you’ve had the chance to travel to the region, or are experiencing it for the first time at a workshop, I am thrilled to design a collection that gives you the opportunity to create your very own work of art. My hope is that this collection brings a little bit of the magic of the South of France that I love so much, into your home.



PS. Checkout our lookbook below!

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