The Vermont Collection & Lookbook

September 22, 2018

Everyone looks forward to a New England fall. The foliage, pumpkins, farm-fresh food - it's truly amazing. But as a Chicago girl, I never fully experienced how special fall is until I moved East after school.

My first fall trip took my breath away. My husband, George, and I went to the Orvis fishing school in Vermont, when we were first dating. We spent the day fishing along pristine river banks and under the iconic covered bridges, that looked like they were straight out of a coffee table book. We stayed the night with a friend who had bought a farm nearby and woke up to foggy pastures and a warm (maple syrup filled, of course) breakfast.

It was that weekend that I realized there is nowhere like Vermont in the fall. George and I have continued to take weekend trips every year to visit different towns, and will even be celebrating New Years up North.

Near or far from the state, I hope this collection allows you to experience the magic of Vermont that I have grown to know and love.

PS. Checkout our lookbook below!



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