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The New York Collection

November 17, 2018

As a little girl, my dream was to go to New York City. I grew up in Chicago, so I was a city kid at heart, but I dreamed of experiencing the New York I saw on Home Alone and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

So, for my tenth birthday, my mom took me to New York for the weekend. We did everything! We took the boat out to see The Statue of Liberty, we fought the crowds to watch The Rockettes on stage, and we even made it to Broadway to see The King and I. My mom still tells the story that I skipped all 35 blocks back to our hotel after the performance. That whirlwind weekend trip to NYC cemented the city as a place I knew I wanted to live at some point.

Thirteen years later I found myself moving into an apartment in Greenwich Village to work towards my masters at Sotheby's. And while it was far from my first time in the city, I still felt the excitement I felt on my tenth birthday. There’s something about New York that makes everything feel right in the world, especially during the holiday season.

Years later, the city is still my favorite place. And as much as my visits now are often mixed with exciting opportunities for Alice’s Table, I always make a point of stopping at a few of my favorite places along the way. I hope this collection brings a little bit of the magic of the winters in New York that I’ve grown to love, into your home.



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