At the Table with Denise

March 21, 2018

One look at Denise’s Instagram and you’ll know why her events always sell out. Her one year Alice’s Table anniversary is quickly approaching and we can’t believe what this Washington D.C. #girlboss has accomplished in such a short time! From partnerships with Nordstrom and Maggiano’s to charity events for the Human Rescue Alliance, Denise knows that the sky's the limit, when it comes to what her Alice’s Table business can help her accomplish!

Denise joined our community in May of 2017 to push her own events planning business even further and return to her love for working with flowers. She’s a hard working entrepreneur at heart, but knows how to throw a fun night out with plenty of flowers and wine to go around! (We’d be lying if we said we never had some serious #fomo here at the HQ!)

Today she’s sharing how she knew joining this community was the perfect match for her business and future, and an entertaining tip that we can never hear enough!

First things first...why did you decide to join the Alice's Table Event Exec program?

I've been a wedding planner and event floral designer for the past 6 years. I found the Alice's Table Event Exec program at a time when I wanted to explore teaching classes. The business model is very turnkey and allows me to concentrate on the part I love the most - interacting with attendees and playing with blooms. It's such an exciting and fulfilling extension of what I was already doing!

What's your #ATmoment? (That time you felt you nailed an event, made a connection with a customer, created the perfect arrangement, etc.)

My #ATmoment was when an attendee at one of my first public events booked a private event for her company. After the company event, she handed me an envelope with a handwritten thank you letter and inside was a tip! That was a first for me. I'm usually the one writing the thank you notes after my events. I knew at that moment that it was an enjoyable experience that was so appreciated. That's what it's all about for me - making sure everyone learns something new, but most of all, has fun!

What would you tell someone who is thinking about joining AT and needs that extra boost?

Just do it! Know why you want to do it, realizing that you're running a business and it does take work.  However, the rewards you will receive are unmatched. Alice’s Table provides great support and you'll be joining a group of Execs from around the country who are just as motivated as you to succeed.

Your Favorites:

Flower: Parrot tulips, I love the fluffiness and ruffles of the petals!

Cocktail: It’s as tie between a classic Cuban Mojito and Dark & Stormy (rum is yum).

Entertaining tip: Don't stress yourself out when entertaining. Ordering take out is just fine (and less demanding on your time), just make sure not to serve anything in the containers it came in.  Transfer it to your favorite serving dishes so you look like a pro. Plus, never forget the wine and the flowers!

Thing to do in your city: Any, and all national museums in D.C. are a must. My favorite right now is the National African American History and Culture Museum - the art and artifacts are amazing!

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