Floral Spring Brunch

March 16, 2017

By the time March comes around, I'm totally ready to toss my winter stuff out the window. I'm tired of the greys and blacks, the dead trees, and only being able to see flowers indoors. So, how do I like to brighten things up, you ask? With a floral spring brunch, of course!

Brunch is one of my favorite ways to enjoy company at home. There's something so relaxed about brunch - it's not a rushed dinner after work, nor is it a late night event where everyone's either up and at 'em or yawning at the table. Brunch calls for cold brew, mimosas, delicious breakfast food, and good conversation. Here's how to throw your own in less than one hour!

Prepping for a Floral Spring Brunch (In Under an Hour!)

Start the day before

When we hosted our own floral spring brunch, I picked up the flowers the day before. I also went a little crazy with picking out new (slightly speckled) plates at Crate & Barrel, but that's a story for another day. We had the food portion of the brunch all figured out the day before the actual brunch, and even set the table the evening before as well. We laid out all the plates, all the glasses we would need, the (necessary) fabric napkins, and of course - the flowers.

Small floral arrangements are key

Instead of going with a centerpiece of sorts, we went with small floral arrangements. That doesn't mean you have to go pick out 4-5 small arrangements - that gets expensive! Instead, pick out one bunch of blooms to serve as your 'featured' flower, one bunch of greens, one bunch of smaller accent flowers, and one standalone star of the show. We went with a warm color palette because it seems like it's been all cool blues and gray hues outdoors, so I wanted to warm things up.

Once you've got your flowers picked out, check out what you have for glassware. We used a few small old-school milk bottles, a mason jar, and a canning jar. Cut your flowers at varying lengths and start arranging them. Don't keep all the arrangements the same, though. Switch 'em up! Not all of the types of flowers you picked out have to go in every small arrangement. Also, odd numbers are the way to go.

Keep it simple

Sure, brunch is about indulging. Well, at least it is for me! But, if you're hosting, keep it simple and avoid the stress. First, select a featured food - we went with a DELICIOUS breakfast sandwich inspired by my favorite local café. Next, choose your fruits and make them stand out. We placed a bunch of grapes on each plate to fill up the space - and also because grapes are delicious. Then we served a side plate of cantaloupe and fresh strawberries, topped with a spritz of meyer lemon and a drizzle of honey. The fruit was so simple and so easy to prep in advance, yet it stood out because it wasn't your run-of-the-mill fruit bowl.

Ready to throw your own floral spring brunch? I think so! What would be your must-have food item?

Written by: Gabi Valladares of By Gabriella

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