At The Table with Meg

December 22, 2017

We’re so excited to introduce Meg, one of our Event Execs hailing from just outside our hometown of Boston! While her resume may read as a #bossbabe in the business world, she’s a creative at heart who loves to spend her free time pursuing her more flower-powered passions. As a proud mom to a little one (and two rescue pups!), she’s always on the move planning her next Alice’s Table event or international trip. Today she’s sharing how she balances it all, her favorite moment at every event, and a festive cocktail you’ll be able to whip up in a cinch!

First things first...why did you decide to join the Alice's Table Event Exec program?

When I joined Alice’s Table, I was working in the finance industry and was looking for a creative outlet to decompress from the rigors of my intense day job. Being an Alice’s Table Event Exec has allowed me to express my creativity, meet new people and teach others a great new skill!

What's your #ATmoment?

I haven’t had just ONE #ATmoment. I feel like I have one at every event! I am always a little nervous before each event because I never know what to expect - will people like me, will the flowers look good, will the arrangements come out nicely? That #ATmoment for me is generally about halfway through the event when I take a moment to look around and realize everyone is having a great time, the arrangements look gorgeous (because they always do, no matter your skill set!) and that I’ve been able to share my creative passion with another group of women!

What would you tell someone who is thinking about joining AT and needs that extra boost?

The great thing about being an Alice’s Table Event Exec is that you can create the business you want. Whether you are looking to do this full-time or as a compliment to everything else you have going on, there is flexibility. This business is what you put into it. The one piece of advice I would give anyone considering joining AT is to make sure you can make the logistics work. Have you figured out where you will get your flowers from, what your schedule will look like on days you have events, childcare details? Figuring all of these details out in advance will ensure that your first few events with Alice’s Table will go smoothly!

Your Favorites:

Flower:I’m a sucker for hydrangeas even though they are high maintenance! I also love Trick Dianthus - they are so whimsical! Ooh and dahlias...

Cocktail: I love anything bubbly. This time of year, I love a good “Red Velvet” - 2 oz. chilled Framboise Lambic (a Belgian raspberry beer), 1/2 oz. creme de framboise (raspberry liqueur), 2 oz. chilled Prosecco and some raspberries and some rosemary for garnish!

Entertaining tip: Always keep the essentials stocked. No matter how crazy a week I’ve had, you will always find a good wine on my bar cart, a tasty cheese in my fridge and some kind of sweet in my pantry. You never know when you might have guests!

Thing to do in your city: I live in a sleepy beach community right down the road from Boston. You’ll never get bored in Boston with all of the museums, restaurants and other attractions, but in my little town, the thing to do is go to the beach - no matter the season, it’s the place to be!

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